Amongst Us Codes August 2023 – Free Coins, Dragulji

Roblox Amongst Us Codes

Amongst Us CodesHey, friends !! are you Searching for Roblox Amongst Us Codes? ovdje u ovom članku, we have provided the latest list of active codes kolovoz 2023 codes, a guide for you that how to redeem them, i više informacija.

Among us is a free-to-play game that is taking the world by storm, and statistics show why the InnerSloth hit needs to come to consoles.

This game is free to play for Android and iOS phone users. On their device, they must download and install the BlueStacks Android emulator. There are two role players in this game: crewmates and imposters.

amongst us codes

Players can get pets, more crewmates, and a lot of coins by using the Amongst Us codes Roblox.

There are many codes that are still active, and this post will tell you which ones they are. Check out the most recent code information.

Amongst Us Codes List August 2023

Below we have mentioned active and deactivated free Roblox Amongst us redeem codes.

Active :

  • FNFupdate – 500 Kovanice.
  • newcrewmateFree Mini Crewmate Pet.
  • newhatcrates – 900 Kovanice.
  • freegems140 Dragulji

Expired :

  • 999IQRedeem code for free Coins.
  • 50MvisitsRedeem code for 500 Kovanice.
  • 100McrewmatesRedeem code for free Coins.
  • yayfreecoinsRedeem code for 2000 coins.

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How to redeem the free codes in Amongst Us

Follow the below simple steps to successfully redeem the code:

  • Open the Roblox Amongst us game.
  • Then click on theInventorybutton on the left side of the screen.

Amongst us Iventory page

  • A window will appear with a Twitter bird icon on it.
  • Then Click on theTwitter bird icondugme.

Amongst us Iventory page screen

  • Enter the code in the field ofEnter Code Here
  • Klikni na ” Submitbutton to get the reward in the game.

How to get a free redemption code in Amongst Us

For new codes, players can follow the developers on Twitter. Međutim, you can always return here for the most recent updates because we will be adding new codes to this article on a regular basis.

YouTube is always a good place to start looking for game code. Simply enter the game’s name plus codesinto the YouTube search bar and you’ll get a multitude of results.

Reddit is another excellent option. There’s a sub-Reddit for almost everything, and there’s a good chance there’s one for Amongst Us as well. You should be able to find it easily enough if you do a quick search.

Discord is also an excellent option where many gaming communities out there. Simply join an Amongst Us server and you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

Game Description

Welcome to Amongst Us! This game is a Roblox recreation of Among Us!

IMPOSTOR: (Murderer) Sabotage and murder all crew members in secret! To avoid being voted out, cover your tracks and tell lies!
🚀 CREWMATE: (Innocent) Finish your tasks or vote the Impostors out to win! Assist the other crew members in determining who the Impostor is!

CONTROLS: Mobile and PC: On-screen buttons Shortcuts on the KeyboardTab/M: Map – R: ReportE: Use & Emergency Impostors: Button F: killV: vents – 1-3 to change vents

Rules: Do not form groups with other players. Be courteous in the chat. Rules violations may result in a ban.

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Among Us Free Download

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Amongst Us code – FAQ

Q. How do redeem the codes in Amongst Us Roblox?

Ans. To redeem the codes, click on the Twitter icon, which will open a redemption window. Enter and submit your code to earn pets, crewmates, and coins.

Q. What is the Private code in Among Us?

Ans. Private games are a type of online game that requires a six-digit code to access. The characters in the code will all be capitalized. Lowercase letters and symbols are not permitted to be typed in the box.

Q. What is Robux in Roblox?

Ans. Robux is the in-game currency used on the Roblox platform.

Q. Why do codes not work in Among Us?

Ans. Simply updating Among Us will resolve the issue with 6-digit and letter codes not working.


Nadam se da ste pronašli sve informacije o Amongst Us codes. u ovom postu, We easily describe all codes and how to redeem them in simple steps with images. Ažuriramo ove objave što je prije moguće kada primimo nove kodove & bilo kakva ažuriranja.