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Shining Nikki Redeem Codes

Shining Nikki codes – Hello everyone!! do you want to know for latest working Shining Nikki codes? yeah, here in this article, We have listed the latest working promo codes for Shining Nikki August 2023

Gamers can redeem codes to get Makeup items, Costumes, pink gems, diamonds, gold, tickets, stamina, memory tracking, and other exclusive items also have a guide for you that how to redeem them and more information.

Do you want to find out how to get them and how to redeem them for free without spending a single penny?

Shining nikki codes

We will continue to keep you up to date on the most recent Shining Nikki codes released by developers. So far, these are the redemption codes that we have found.

This page is all about the freebies and the simple ways for redeeming Shining Nikki codes. let us start focusing on our goal to get Shining Niki Wiki codes.

List of Shining Nikki Codes August 2023

Below we have mentioned a list of shining Nikki codes that you will use and get rewards.

Active Code:

HBDYEXIAO ( New ) Get Reward
Modric0202 ( New ) Redeem to get 10x Poetry of Time + 30x Pink Gems +10K Gold
Redeem to get 10K Gold + 30x Pink Gems + 10x Poetry of Time

Expired Code :

PROMISETOU 100 Stamina, 1 Fantasy Ticket, 1,000,000 emas
100 Stamina, 10 UR Concept Shards, 60 SSR Concept Shards, 800,000 emas
nACpsh66w54u 3 Fantasy Tickets, 20,000 emas
nACmSKFj9kaU 60 Stamina, 5 Poetry of Time
nACnTTFk4YwB 6 Memory Key R, 5,000 emas
nACjetVvpn35 20 Poetry of Time and 3 Fantasy Tickets
JAXANDYUKA 30 Pink Gems, 10 Poetry of Time, 10k Gold
ARKADMINS 30 Pink Gems, 10 Poetry of Time, 10k Gold
ROSSET 20 Pink Gems, 50 Stamina, 5k Gold
HOTPOTLOVER 30 Pink Gems, 10 Memory Track, 10000 emas
30 Pink Gems, 10 Poetry of Time, 10000 emas
30 Pink Gems, 10 Poetry of Time, 10000 emas, 10 Keys
80 Stamina
10 Poetry of Time
50k Gold
10 Poetry of Time
WISHESONCLOUD 100 Stamina, 20 Poetry of Time
MRMERCURY 50 Pink Gems, 10 Memory Track, 10000 emas
LETSSHINE2022 50 Pink Gems, 10 Memory Track, 50000 emas
ANOTHERNIKKI 1x Fantasy Ticket, 10000x Gold
HBDNIKKI2021 500x Pink Gem, 126x Stamina, 126000x Gold
PRINCESSNIKKI 50x Pink Gem, 5x Concept Shards SSR, 50000x Gold
HANDSUP 50x Pink Gem, 1x Fantasy Ticket, 50000x Gold
MOMOSPLAN 50x Pink Gem, 5x Memory Track, 50000x Gold
CHEER4NIKKI 188x Pink Gem, 1x Fantasy Ticket, 18888x Gold
30 Pink Gems, 20 Poetry of Time, 20000 emas
50x Pink Gems
40x Pink Gems
SNOWHAWK 30x Pink Gem, 10x Gear, 10000x Gold
GIFTERMOMO 60 Stamina, 10 Memory Key R, 30000 emas
MOMOSFEAST 200x Pink Gem, 18888x Gold
HERMAJESTY 15 Pink Gem, 30 Gear, 5000 emas
TRICKMOMO 100x Pink Gems, 10k Gold
TREATNIKKI 100x Pink Gems, 10k Gold
FAIRONE 30 Pink Gem, 10 Gear, 10000 emas
NIKKISHOW 1 fantasy ticket and 10,000 emas
PRAISEMOMO 200 Pink Gems, 100 Stamina, 50k Gold

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How to redeem the code of Shining Nikki?

Follow the below simple steps to redeem Nikki’s codes.

Step1 : Start the Shining Nikki Game, Complete the tutorial so that you can access the code input box.

Step2 : Then Go to Profile Menu by clicking on the Avatar icon in the top left-side corner.

Step3 : Click on the Setting Icon on the profile menu.

Shining Nikki Setting page

Step4 : Tap onKode nebusat bottom of the setting page.

Shining Nikki Redeem code page

Step5 : Enter the Redeem Code and get rewards.

Download Shining Nikki

android download Apple download

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How To Get More Shining Nikki Codes?

More Shining Nikki codes are being released via the game’s official social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

Usually, The game’s developers release gift codes for special occasions such as the game’s milestones, popular occasions, collaborations, and special events.

We will update this post with new redeem codes when new redemption becomes available. so you can bookmark our article and keep checking regular basis for the latest working codes.

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Notes: We collect all the information about Shining Nikki Codes from each other webpages.

Shining Nikki CodesFAQs

Q. What is Shining Nikki’s code?

Ans. Shining Nikki codes give you in-game goodies. the game’s developer distributes each code, we don’t know when more will be released.

Q. Is Shining Nikki a sequel to love Nikki?

Ans. Shining Nikki is the fourth edition of the NikkiUP2U dress-up game franchise. Paper Games created the sequel to Love NikkiDress Up Queen.

Q. What happens if you redeem the Shining Nikki code?

Ans. If you redeem the shining Nikki codes, you will get 500x Pink Gem, 126x Stamina, 5x Concept Shards SSR, and 126000x Gold.

Q. How old is the Shining Nikki?

Ans. According to web sources, the correct age of the Shining Nikki is 19 years old.


We are very hoping that you would found your required information about Shining Nikki Codes in this article. if you wouldn’t found any information from this article, leave a comment in the comment box.